National Coming Out Day

Friday, October 11, 2019

From 5:00 PM all night long!

In partnership with several LGBTQ groups, let’s come out together for an exceptional night on the town, including dinner, drinks, and a fabulous company of new and old LGBTQI+ friends!

Pick one, two, or all three venues:

The visibility of individual members of the LGBTQI+ community is essential in raising the general public’s awareness of our struggle for full equality and inclusion. We also know well that there is never just one coming-out event. In fact, our lives are marked by hundreds of coming-out milestones occurring in various familial, social, and professional relationships and settings.

For this year’s National Coming Out Day on Friday, October 11th, and in partnership with several local LGBTQI+ organizations and groups, let us come out for a celebration of our vibrant, diverse, and multi-faceted community!

Let us commemorate our coming-out moments together and support those who may have chosen this day to be their coming-out day with our very first Our Night Outcelebration. Let us also come out in support of the businesses that continue to create safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community.


This is a grass-roots event, promoted in partnership with other local LGBTQ groups and organizations, and there are no advanced tickets to purchase. Just plan to come out and be visible, mingle, make new friends, have a good time, and support LGBTQ-friendly businesses!

Pick one, two, or all three venues within walking distance from one another:

First: Dinner at The District

5:00–7:00 PM (or stay later)

317 West Morgan Street, Suite #117, Raleigh, NC 27601

Meet up with friends and grab a bite at The District.

Paid parking across the street.

The District’s Menu

Second: Drinks at Social 113

7:00–9:00 PM (or stay later)

317 West Morgan Street, Suite #113 Raleigh, NC 27601 (next door to The District)

A place to catch up with friends over drinks, while making new connections.

Social 113’s Website

Third: Dancing at Legends

9:00–11:00 PM (or stay later)

119 Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 (around the corner from Social 113)

Dance the night away!

Legends’ Website

RSVP with a participating partner organization or simply join in!

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